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02Jun 2016
Three Cleaver Ways to Get rid of the Dust

Three Cleaver Ways to Get rid of the Dust

Three Cleaver Ways to Get rid of the Dust

Probably you are completely bored of wiping the dust daily and remove it from the furniture and the floor. Most of us has a common feeling that when everything is completed the new dust is already there. To win this battle you should never give up. You need a special strategy. Here you can find a few ideas and suggestions for dealing with the dust and the dirt for a longer period. Our strategy will also save you precious time and energy.

The solution for most of our problems is to attack and fight the reasons which cause them. In this case however this seems completely impossible as the home dust has lots of sources. Of course it is not possible to ignore the factors completely, but there are ways to avoid them. According to some researches 90% of the dust enters the property from the people and fabrics and the absence of drafts leads to accumulation of both imported particles on surfaces. This research has been performed by professional End of Tenancy Cleaners.

On the other in premices where there’s a permament move ( next to doors and windows ) dust particles circulate in the air all the time and this is something that is even more harmful than its stratification on furniture.

The main strategy in cleaning is to ‘ catch ‘ the dust and do not spread it everywhere.

1. Keep floors on the cupboards, closets and corridors easy reachable for cleaning. These places are very important as they collect lots of dust as the cloths are a permanent source responsible for keeping dust and dirt. Foyers and corridors are extremely important because you walk with dirty shoes keep and them there. It is necessary to keep the floors there clean and disinfected otherwise they can be a real danger just waiting for you in you own corridor.

Apply shoes and accessories in different boxes and bags on the shells. Clean in advance your shoes and only then put them there. While removing the dust they will be protected especially if you add each pair to a plastic bag.

Sort out the winter clothes you barely wear. During the summer and warmer seasons winter coats should be kept is special cases. This will protect the material and would not allow the dust to find its place into the material.

Keep the floor always tidy. This will ensure your availability to clean it well and cover the total area. Not to forget the space issue which is always important, even in the largest properties.

2. Change the bed linen every week

Your bed is a major source of dust, which collects millions of particles the human eye is not able to recognize. While changing the linen fold it gently. This will keep the dust only inside the dirty sheets.

3. ‘ Catch dust ‘ and don’t spread it around

Standard cleaning equipment made of dry towels mostly spread the dust and does not remove it. Wet clothes and special cleaning towels are a really good decision if you aim fighting the dust.

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